Smarter Design

We are Black-owned, woman-powered, qualified and ready to design with you, as we currently serve the Chicagoland area. Our goal is to change the way you think of renovation.

TnS Studio provides architectural design and planning services for residential and commercial projects. Rooted in sustainable design, we encourage reuse over replacement with creative design solutions that repurpose and reimagine your existing space.


Project Reviews

It’s like watching a tv show! When she’s done, I’m like WOAH!
— Sabrina Ventris
I get excited for your projects. So talented.
— Jasmine Williams
Nice! Crazy how simple things can make such big impacts.
— Janae Wilson


The Studio


TnS Studio never compromises quality for time. We are diligent and detail-oriented and give our clients realistic schedules that are true to life. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with clients and consultants alike, so we strive to be honest, responsive, and flexible.

The Design Principal

taylor Staten, leed ap

"Design is not only my job, it is my hobby and passion. I have formal design training and experience as an architect and love to restore what most would consider trash. Combine that with my deep commitment to sustainable design, and here I am: re-imagining your space."